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ScanWriter offers unprecedented Data Entry Automation features that are capable of converting ANY paper document and digital file into structured and normalized data into Excel format while providing an immediate data analytic summary within minutes. Convert your data from PDF to Excel in a blink of an eye!

District Attorney

Help district attorneys to collect, evaluate, preserve, and report findings gathered from audits of public or private parties being investigated when suspected of a violation of the law.

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Criminal Investigation

Providing link analysis tools to help in the task of data collection and data analysis to allow investigating agents and crime analysts to develop and focus on crime-solving strategies.

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Cyber Crime Investigations

ScanWriter contains a sophisticated data capture and categorizing capability which allows users to run analytic models to produce money flow in various cyber crimes.

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Bankruptcy Trustee

BankScan allows bankruptcy trustees to verify the integrity of the financial information submitted by petitioners

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Infinite Issues. One Solution

Why ScanWriter:

It just works .

ANY Documents

Bank Statements/Credit Card Statements, Check Images, Time Sheets, Payroll, Phone Records, Accounting System General Ledger, etc.

Audit Trail

Use advanced forensic accounting tools to examine individuals or businesses. Links Excel cells to data sources and highlights the data origin location.

21 Languages

Supports 21 languages, including major European, Asian, Middle East, etc..

Public Library

Supports more than 40,000 institutions, including more than 10,000 financial institutions. We can add a document format of your request within 48 hours.

100% Accuracy

Minimizes users' time and effort. Built-in sophisticated data processing features to achieve 100% accuracy.

Dedicated Support Manager Approach

We provide dedicated support managers, helping to ensure that all your needs and questions will be addressed.


Capture years' worth of documents into structured data within hours.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface with built-in features to simplify your work flow.


Financial documents, Checks, Phone Records, Insurance forms, Payroll, Contracts, etc.

Team of Professionals

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Our History and Our Mission

Personable Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 1998, with the headquarters located in Fountain Valley, California. Personable is dedicated to helping professionals by automating the workflow of documents and manual work with proven technology in the digital age.

Personable Inc.’s solutions benefit businesses of all types. Our clients are increasing productivity with 90% in time savings, maintaining data integrity with 100% data accuracy, and ultimately creating more opportunities to grow. Automating data entry helps professionals fight fraud, maintain data security, meet deadlines and budgets, prepare data for deeper analysis, accelerate workflow and more. No matter what your challenge may be, Personable Inc. is dedicated to helping you find an effective solution.

and more Financial Institution

Million documents processed



Benefits of Using ScanWriter

The One and Only Professional Solution for Data Automation

ScanWriter is the only solution that captures data from PDFs to Excel spreadsheets with 100% accuracy. With its intelligent error detection, ScanWriter ensures accuracy and maximizes your data entry efficiency.

Turn Key Solution from Start to Finish

ScanWriter can be easily implemented into your current business processes, as it is fairly easy to use. After installing ScanWriter, it can be used immediately and our support team is available to guide you through your first data capture.

Endorsed by Thousands from Your Industries

ScanWriter users from various industries say that ScanWriter has saved them hours of their time entering data and has helped make their lives easier. They are also delighted about how much support they get from the ScanWriter team when they need assistance.

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Maintenance Fees:  For the Standard license, each license has a non-prorated $2940.00 Annual fee. The Annual fee covers an unlimited usage of common readers, training, support, and software updates.



ScanWriter Excel
$ 4995
00 Per License
  • 1 Workstation User
  • 10 customized readers


ScanWriter Excel
  • Including Standard features
  • Independent Library

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, ScanWriter saves the files locally, so you will never have to worry about compromising the integrity of your financial records ever again. Plus, ScanWriter Excel Edition offers a redact function in case you need to send us a sample document.

    ScanWriter can data capture any computer typed characters on PDFs. ScanWriter already support bank and credit card statements from over 10,000 financial institutions and 30,000 vendor invoices. If you are curious to see how your special and unique document can be data captured with ScanWriter, send us a sample and we will be happy to show you.

    ScanWriter provides output spreadsheet where each data type has its own column. The user friendly ScanWriter interface allows you to edit and review data to your liking before you export the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

    ScanWriter supports 21 languages.

    Yes! Schedule your free live online demo today!