Financial Fraud

Innovative Solutions That Can Track Money Trails

ScanWriter offers cutting-edge investigative solutions that help you to detect fraud and money laundering.

Our Innovative Services Are Your Greatest Resource

The recent rise in computer-based financial crimes has made swift and effective investigative tools essential. As opposed to conventional or ad hoc processes, ScanWriter has tools that allow for accurate input, analysis of data, and reports of criminal activities.

Our fraud investigation software can help you address the menace of money laundering and other financial fraud. To do so, our sophisticated analytical tools and modeling techniques follow the money, which allows investigators to identify and warn institutions about the indicators of illegal activities and increased risk of financial crimes.

How Our Investigative Software Helps

Why ScanWriter?

Process Any Document

Including bank statements/credit card statements, check images, time sheets, payroll, phone records, accounting system, general ledgers, etc.

Track Audit Trails

Use forensic accounting tools to examine individuals or businesses. Additionally, link Excel cells to data sources and highlight the data origin location.

Support More Languages

Supports 21 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

Connect to Public Libraries

Linked to more than 40,000 institutions, including more than 10,000 financial institutions. Request a document format and we can add it within 24 to 48 hours of your request.

Increased Precision

Minimizes users' time and effort. Built-in sophisticated data processing features achieve 100% accuracy.

Dedicated Support Staff

We provide dedicated support managers, ensuring that all your needs and questions are addressed.

How ScanWriter Helps with Financial Investigations

Despite its innumerable benefits, the tech revolution has opened systems to cyber-attacks – and made doing so more feasible for criminals. ScanWriter offers ingenious solutions that use sophisticated investigative software to catch and prevent theft. Apply data to your investigations and curb financial fraud!

The One and Only Professional Solution for Data Automation

ScanWriter is the only software that can capture data from documents - including PDFs and Excel spreadsheets - with 100% accuracy. With its intelligent error detection, ScanWriter ensures precision and maximizes your data entry efficiency.

Turn Key Solution from Start to Finish

ScanWriter can be easily implemented into your current business processes. Following installation, you can use it immediately, and our support team will be available to guide you through your first data capture.

Save Yourself Hours of Entering Data

Across several industries, ScanWriter users say that it has saved them from hours of entering data and made their lives easier. They are also pleased with the support they receive from the ScanWriter team.

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