“It wasn’t even time for lunch, and ScanWriter had already processed 1000 pages of my CDR... I felt like a Rock Star!”

Special Agent
New York, NY


Manually preparing telephone records for analysis is difficult because of the large data size and complex data structure. 


Personable, Inc.’s ScanWriter for Excel® 



  • Complete his analysis in one day
  • Effectively present criminal activity as evidence
  • Job satisfaction and empowerment
  • Have confidence in the data set being analyzed



Special Agent’s Secret Weapon for Automating Telephone Analysis


Analyzing CDRs require a special skill in organizing and interpreting the data. For this case, the agent received an AT&T Report in PDF containing 2000 pages of call information.

The agent remembers reviewing the files and explains,

“I would spend weeks and months hand entering each line into Excel… Not only is this time consuming… And I would to recheck for typos…”

In the past, the Agent tried using a generic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to capture the data from a similar report. He remembers spending weeks teaching the software what to capture, and then spending more time reformatting the output in Excel.

With about 1 million data items to enter for this case, the agent states,

“It [CDRs] can be overwhelming…”


When the agency purchased the ScanWriter license, the agent could not wait to process CDRs. After attending a live hands-on training, he was inspired to complete his case using his new tool and skills.

At 4.75 seconds per page, ScanWriter processed the CDRs. The agent exclaimed,

“It wasn’t even time for lunch, and ScanWriter had already processed 1000 pages of my CDRs, I was able to work on other parts of the case… I felt like a Rock Star!”

Later in the afternoon, the agent reviewed the data and used the Compare Data® to verify the completeness and accuracy. While during this verification process, he had a few questions and contacted the ScanWriter help desk for some pointers.

To complete the analysis, the agent exported the ScanWriter data into the integrated Power BI Telephone Model. This created multiple visualizations, and the agent states,

“This is where my data comes alive…”

He was able to see the connections between four different phone numbers and proved that there had been hours of communications between the parties during a specific time frame.

Business Benefits

The agent was able to complete his CDRs analysis in one day. Because of ScanWriter accuracy features, he had the confidence that the data is accurate and complete.

The agent notes,

“Timing is crucial. I have so many cases and limited time to review them…” Being able to prioritize other tasks while processing 2000 pages at the same time alleviates the stress of my job.”

By completing the case and creating dynamic visualizations to show in court, the agent is able to clearly communicate and provide evidence of criminal activity.

With much excitement, the agent provided his insightful findings to his joint task force colleagues, and he continues to explain,

“Everyone wanted to know my secret… I impressed them with my spreadsheets and my graphs… I told them that they should get ScanWriter…”

Everyone wanted to know my secret…  I impressed them with my spreadsheets and my graphs… I told them that they should get ScanWriter

Special Agent New York, NY